No, this is not about running when you’re hungry, it’s about when you’re hungry to run. That feeling you get when you:

– almost made a goal, but not quite, and can’t wait to take another shot at it.

– have spent weeks recovering from an injury and are aching to take the hobbles off, and run the way you did right before it started to hurt.

– just surprised yourself – with a time, a distance, a moment of runner’s high – and want to see where it will lead

– had a disappointing run, but you’ve got an idea what might help improve the next one (or build to better runs sometime down the road)

– had a good run, but the next one isn’t scheduled for two days (your next workout) or two weeks (your next event) or two months (your next BIG event).

– invited a friend to join you on a workout or familiar event, and can’t wait to share it with her

– signed up for something new and different (and maybe a bit scary)

– gave yourself a day (or two) off from training, and woke up more stiff and sore than when you exercise every day…

– just got a new (whatever) and can’t wait to try it/wear it/show it off, or simply find out if the damned thing really works…

– haven’t run at all fast or well, but can still feel how making the effort boosts your energy for everything else you do, how knowing that you did run can lift your spirits and confidence all day, and how much more likely you are to get a good night’s sleep thanks to the healthy fatigue of real whole-body exercise

It’s anything that reminds you that your next run can be great regardless of where you or anyone else finish, because you have your own goals, your own reasons for running and your own yardstick to measure what you’ve done.

Feeling Run-Hungryone more reason to love being an MPR!

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