Caveat Lector

(Reader Beware)

There are plenty of websites and blogs written by well-known runners, or by the coaches who’ve helped them get where they are, or by highly-credentialed researchers who’ve spent years poring over data and graphs before publishing their theories on conditioning and nutrition. This site is not one of those.

Instead, it’s written by a person very much like you may be – a busy amateur who has to fit running in between family, work and all the other demands of modern life.  A person who started with a pair of bargain-priced running shoes and nothing more, gradually adding experiences, bits of gear, readings and conversations with other runners, until the sport has become a significant part of my life.

So take these words for whatever they may be worth to you.  If something written here makes sense to you, maybe it’s worth pursuing.  If something makes no sense, trust that you know yourself better than I do and ignore it.  If you are encouraged to start running, or increase your intensity, or try a new distance – you must use your own judgment (and that of your physician or other advisor). Don’t take my word for it, after all, I’ve never won a race in my life, and almost certainly never will.

Which is why I am –  No Lead Dog.

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