This Little Piggy Got…Stormsocks

So you’ve got great running shoes that fit just-right with the type and weight of socks you like to wear, and along comes cold or wet or wind – or some nasty combination of the three.  Do you spend a hundred-exty bucks for a new pair of shoes sized-up to fit a couple pair of heavy socks?  Or maybe even more for ones with a Gore-tex interlayer that makes them (somewhat) waterproof?  Tough it out with wet cold toes?  Or just hang it up until the weather clears?


Another alternative, and one I think is the best of the bunch, is these Hyperlite Stormsocks, by Seirus.  They’re thin enough to fit in your regular shoes, over your regular socks, and as far as I’ve found they’re totally effective at keeping out water, snow and wind.  In fact, it’s kind of interesting to step in a frigid puddle with ‘em, ‘cause for a second you think your feet are getting soaked, then a moment later you realize they’re totally dry – it was just the rapid heat loss due to water being more dense than air, which goes away as soon as you’re no longer stepping in it and the normal bending motions of running squeeze most of the moisture out of the fabric and padding of your shoes.

And the best part?  Unlike a water-proof shoe, Stormsocks are tall enough to protect your ankles as well, and prevent gaper-gap with running tights (I put the socks on first, then pull tights on over them to keep it all sleek and make sure any water that rains or splashes onto my legs will run down outside the Stormsocks, not in.  Though they’re not insulated, that extra layer adds warmth too – I’ve run in very thin low-top socks plus these, in shoes that have really-open mesh uppers for summer ventilation, and been comfortable on icy roads in temps down in the twenties.  Only below about twenty five do I switch to a pair of calf-high wool-blend socks (Seirus makes those too, as do SmartWool and others) with the Stormsocks on top to cut the wind.  If it’s too harsh outside for that combo, it’s time to take up mushing.

They say in life, it’s the little things that count; so if you want to keep on runnin’ when the weather gets sloppy, I suggest you get your little piggies to market and pick up some Stormsocks, pronto.

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