Katadyn Filter Bottle

Long trail runs demand plenty of hydration – but who wants to lug a ton of water up a mountain?

One answer that works for me is to carry two bottles, both filled before I start. One is a standard water bottle, the other is a Katadyn bottle with built-in filter. I drink from that one first, and whenever I pass a creek or pond, unscrew the cap and pull it off, bringing the filter with it. Dunk the bottle far enough to fill it to the line, screw in the filter and cap, and I’m re-supplied in seconds. According to its website, Katadyn is the only EPA approved filter-in-a-bottle, and it removes viruses, bacteria, cysts and chemicals. I’ve been doing this for several years, drinking from streams and lakes in mountains, desert and ranchland (un-cooked cows are not hygienic…) and never a trace of any untoward reaction.

That other bottle of tap water from home? I keep it in reserve, in case I empty the filter bottle before finding a new source. Doesn’t happen very often, but it’s reassuring to always have a full bottle available, even when you’re miles and hours away from the trailhead.

Another bonus – if you refill from a cold mountain stream, you get to drink refreshingly cold water. Try that with a bladder that’s been on your back for twelve miles in the sunshine!

My Katadyn (pictured)


is an older model; check out the website for the latest:




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